The ability to optimally managing the requirements of

  • stiffness,
  • stability,
  • mechanical performance,
  • pre-cutting,
  • ease of handling,
  • wetting,
  • and fiber alignment for cosmetics requirements

ultiimately determines the ease of manufacturing or the losses incurred in attempting to achieve a high-quality product.

By applying proprietary weaving and glueing technologies, Texonic creates unidrectional woven fabrics (UD’s) with maximised mechanical performances and a good stiffness to flexibility ratio, easier pre-cutting, optimized wetting, and ease of installation — in weights from 2.6 oz (90 g/m²)  to 44 oz (1500g/m²).

These unique features of Texonic UD’s have proven their worth in a broad range of applications such as:

  • Skis, surfboards
  • Marine reinforcements
  • Airplanes, ultralight drones
  • Heavyweight UD’s for engineering projects such as bridges and highrises