Originally known as NCS Martinply, 30 years later  this 3D reinforcement continues to demonstrate the strength of it’s design in composite reinforcements.

Recognizing that waviness in fiber alignment results in lower mechanical properties, NC-Ply was originally created with the strictest adherence to fiber alignment.

The result of perfectly aligning the fibers is a no-crimp, highly moldable product with a very uniform, print-thru reducing surface.

To this day, NC-Ply™ is the best choice for closed molding processes.

In addition, the flexibility of it’s manufacturing makes it perfect for very heavy reinforcements as it allows for the insertion of z-direction reinforcement fibres to improve it’s inter-laminar properties.

  • Superior mechanical properties as a result of strictly aligned fiber orientation
  • Optimizes resin flow, acts as it’s own flow media
  • Maintains optimal resin flow and moldability up to the standard 7-layers and more*
  • Provides high fibre/resin ratio (up to 70%)
  • Standard configurations available in E-Glass (up to 100 oz/yd2), Carbon ( up to 68 oz/yd2) Basalt and Hybrids
  • Suitable for wet layup lamination


* Custom configurations of 7-layers plus and other very thick structures available on request



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