Heavyweight up to 150 oz/yd² / Very wide up to 126”

More and more applications require ultra-thick and/or oversized laminates:

  • Composite molds,
  • mega-yachts,
  • windmill blades,
  • high-pressure liquids conduits,
  • and civil engineering structures,

are but a few.

Texonic meets the demanding requirements of these applications with a unique product range derived from our proprietary NC-Ply™ technology.

This range of infusable products offers:

  • Configurations up to 150 oz/yd² in glass, 44 oz/yd² in carbon unidirectional
  • The ability creating 3’’-plus thicknesses with wetting and porosity qualitites similar to pre-preg
  • A carbon fiber content of 67%