About Texonic

Products and capabilities

Composite materials have allowed us to achieve exceptional product performances when compared to traditional materials such as metal, wood, plastic or concrete. 

Texonic’s contribution to the woven composites reinforcements industry can be summed up by it’s 35-plus years of innovation and cost-effectiveness— making it easier for clients to create easily processable, high-performance products.

Unique client-driven solutions is what the Texonic reputation is built on. Our multi-disciplinary team made up of experts in composites, textiles, structures and processing are recognized for their ability to come up with THE right solution— whether it’s adapting a current method, or designing a new one.

Texonic’s partnership with Monterey Textiles and Lincoln Fabrics (also with production in Alabama), brings you the strength of the largest weaver in Canada. This, combined with the responsivenes and the flexibility from being a locally-owned business, means that you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Whether standard or specialty, you are assured the highest quality, consistency and efficiencies across the complete spectrum of woven products including:

  • E-glass, carbon, aramid reinforcements and others
  • A unique proprietary line of products offering your best options for vacuum-assisted processes
  • The most innovative offerings for impact and puncture management
  • Optimizes “Smart” hybrids that put the right material at the right place with a true understanding of purpose.
  • “True” 3D weaving technologies
  • Natural fibers such as flax and hemp
  • Commingled fibers such as carbon /thermoplasticPEEK or PEI fibers, glass /polypropylene, carbone /polyamide and others
  • Multi-dimensional weaves for 3-D net-shape preforms
  • Custom architectures developed for specific performance and/or cosmetic requirements
  • Unbalanced reinforcements
  • Custom 7-plus layers and ultra-thick structures (standard up to 150 oz/sq.yd, special up to 1’’ thick)
  • Widths from 2–126 inches, including custom widths for specific needs
  • Propietary weaves such as: