About Texonic


Helping you work better, faster and cleaner through constant innovation

Texonic high-performance reinforcement weaves are continually scrutinized and challenged  so that we can provide you the ideal product by:

  • Pioneering use in vacuum assist processes, and dramatically reducing weight, to reduce consumption through the energy efficiencies generated in both the processing and the product’s end-use
  • Continually improving product quality and processability “intelligence”, for cost effectiveness
  • Developing specialty weaves and technologies that meet the rigorous requirements of high-speed manufacturing environments
  • Developing specialty weaves and technologies that reduce“touch-labor” and special handling
  • Spearheading the development of ultra-heavyweight and 3-dimensional technical woven materials
  • Meeting and surpassing even the most rigorous of manufacturers standards, including raising the bar on puncture and impact behavior
  • Creating new generations of recyclable composites, including thermoplastics
  • Insisting on internal production processes that reduces the waste inherent to the manufacturing process
  • Continuing to support the development of materials derived from renewable resources such as hemp and flax