Industries and Applications

Defense, Ballistics and Protection

The Texonic Group, including partners Monterey Textiles and Lincoln Fabrics, is one of the largest providers of woven protection materials in North America, with a combined experience of over 100 years.

In addition to an extensive breadth of experience in Ballistics products, Texonic will also fill your requirements for impact, perforation, abrasion, cut and electrical insulation protection.

All of our weaves meet and exceed the demanding requirements for these critical applications, consistently performing to the highest ratings batch after batch, with the consistency that is a hallmark of all of our weaves.


Added protection through our testing

All of our fibres are tested before weaving. The finished fabric is retested to ensure that the fibre properties are consistent with the original test results. The fabric is woven, scoured, dyed, dried, coated, burned, stretched, broken, shot. Only after it has been successfully tested to meet the most rigorous of standards is it shipped to the manufacturers, because we know that lives depend on it.


Texonic woven technical fabrics offer protection for:

  • Stab protection
  • Bullet-resistant vests
  • Flak Jackets
  • Armoring plates
  • Helmets
  • Body armor
  • RPG and IED protection
  • Vehicle armoring systems
  • Building protection systems


Other protection

Texonic woven technical fabrics offer protection for:

  • Impact
  • Abrasion
  • Cut
  • Logging safety equipment
  • Puncture resistant systems
  • Stab protection
  • Electrical and heat shields
  • Fire protection
  • Vandalism safeguard systems  



Texonic partner companies Monterey and Lincoln fabrics have a very extensive selection of protective textiles. We invite you to visit their web site. 





A complete selection of protective textiles may also be seen from our partners at to come)