Industries and Applications


Texonic’s contribution to the woven composites reinforcements industry can be summed up by it’s 35-plus years of innovation and cost-effectiveness— making it easier for clients to create easily processable, high-performance products.

Unique client-driven solutions is what the Texonic reputation is built on. Our multi-disciplinary team made up of experts in composites, textiles, structures and processing are recognized for their ability to come up with THE right solution— whether it’s adapting a current method, or designing a new one.

With Texonic, you are getting the power of the largest weaver in Canada, combined with the responsivenes and the flexibility of a locally-owned company, making sure you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Transportation and Automotive

Rail vehicles, trucks and buses


Texonic NC-Ply™, TuffPly™ and Smart Hybrid™ for:

  • Energy savings resulting from substantial weight reduction
  • Excellent moldability, making these materials appropriate for aerodynamic shapes
  • Class A surface finish standards with NC-Ply™
  • Puncture and impact damage management with TuffPly™




Composites products are ideal for structural and suspension systems in the automotive industry providing:

  • Weight reduction                                                                   
  • Perforation resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Cosmetic finish and styling 


Texonic woven composites solutions also:

  • Assist in the implementation of high-volume production with Instafab™ systems
  • Provide shock absorption, allow for rapid manufacturing cycles and lowered production costs, with hybrids, SmartHybrid™, and thermoplastics
  • Improve recyclability through the use of thermoplastics
  • Help simplify manufacturing processes with all-in-one integrated reinforcement systems
  • Provide weight reduction and sound dampening with natural fibers

Provide additional overall weight reduction with their combined contribution to the design, fiber, weave and process selection


Sailboats, high-performance/racing boats, pleasure craft, luxury craft, mega yachts, military ships, fishing boats


Texonic woven composites solutions also offer:

  • Weight reduction using Superlight UDS Instaform™
  • Shock absorption and perforation resistance with Hybrids and SmartHybrid™, TuffPly™
  • Resistance to wear with NC-Ply™
  • Cosmetic finish and styling with NC-Ply™
  • The ability to use infusion processes and produce large-scale structures with NC-Ply™
  • Suitability for kit cutting with Instaform™

Civil engineering

Bridges, buildings, road infrastructures, underground piping/duct repair , large-scale roofing, large-scale harbor structures (ultra-thick)


Texonic woven composites solutions also offer:

  • Heavy NC-Ply™ for thick structures
  • Heavy carbon unidirectional fabrics for bridges and infrastructure rehabilitation
  • Special Hybrids, heavy carbon unidirectional fabrics for seismic protection, specially designed for use in the field
  • Purpose-designed reinforcements for underground mains rehabilitation


Structural components and outfitting, Ultralight structures (drones, light planes), High-efficiency lightweight structures processing, Custom components requiring three-dimensional reinforcements


Texonic woven composites solutions also offer:

  • Exceptional noise dampening
  • Superlight UDS Instaform™
  • Special high-fiber content infusable reinforcements, with NC-Ply™
  • Structuring net-shape and 3D preforms for specialized ultra-high performance parts and delamination control
  • Fire regulation-compliant natural fiber reinforcement and hybrids for noise and vibration dampening

Sports and Leisure

Canoes, kayaks, paddles, light sailing, surfboards, skis, skates, bicycles


Texonic woven composites solutions also offer:

  • Ultra-lightweight with Superlight UDS Instaform™
  • Impact and puncture resistance with Hybrids, SmartHybrid™ and TuffPly™
  • Cosmetic finish and styling
  • Super-optimized reinforcement for lighter products and high-speed manufacturing environments with Smart Hybrids™

Energy, Oil and Gas

Wind farms, Oil and Gas, dust filters, hydropower ducting

if there is a sector with the most critical performance, durability and safety requirements, it is the energy and natural resource industries.

Texonic offers a large array of solutions for piping, ducts and vats, used in:

  • Extraction and production
  • High -pressure environments such as hydraulic fracturing and deepwater scenarios


Texonic composite 3D weaves offer:

  • Increased interlaminar properties,
  • Greater longevity
  • Superior fatigue behavior


Texonic Unidirectional and NC-Ply™ composite weaves offer:

  • Ideal solution for ultra-high loads
  • Exceptional fiber alignment
  • Exceptionally high fiber content
  • Ability to wet out easily


Infusion molding for aeronautics, windmill blades, industrial and large-scale applications

Texonic woven composite NC-Ply™ offers:

  • Ultra-thickness
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Greater longevity