For over 30 years, Texonic (formerly known as JB Martin) has been at the vanguard in weaving commingled thermoplastic and reinforcing fibers. Once woven, the fabric is suitable for use in various molding processes. It is by heating the material above the melting point of the matrix that the fabric is converted into composites.

Thermoplastic composites have an increased impact resistance to comparable thermoset composites. In some instances, the difference is significantly higher impact resistance.


PEEK — Polyetheretherketone
PEI — Polyetherimide
PPS Polyphenylene Sulfide
High stiffness, high temperature resistance

PA -12 — Polyamide
Good mechanical properties, requiring lower molding temperatures

For lightweight, highly ductile performance for applications requiring low stiffness yet high-impact resistance i.e. transportation, sport and leisure products, luggage, high performance packaging.

Both Compofil™-PP by Jushi USA and TWINTEX® (previously produced by Vetrotex) have made this a cost-effective choice.