Natural fibers

Flax fibers are increasingly being used in composite structures, and hemp is positioned  to follow. They are caracterized by:

  • A density of 1.4 gr/cm3
  • A similar specific tensile strength compared to E-Glass
  • A slightly superior specific modulus rating compared to E-Glass
  • Uses more appropriate for monolithic structures versus sandwich structures
  • Dampening properties that make it ideal for acoustic and vibration/shock absorption applications such as transportation

As a renewable resource, natural fibers are considered a “eco-friendly” material. Ongoing innovations, primarily in Europe and Canada, in the harvesting and processing continue to improve the performance and reduce the costs of their use in composites. Their use is expected to increase significantly in the years to come.

Since 2010, Texonic has been supporting the development of natural fiber use in composites:

  • By developing a North American supply chain
  • By developing their use in composite-specific products as opposed to traditional textiles
  • Through performance measurements and improvements
  • By making it more commercially viable by reducing costs