Smart Hybrids™

Today’s composite materials industry requirements are creating a demand for large-scale, reproducible reinforcements that can provide differing properties within the same structure.

Traditionally, a main reinforcing material would provide the principal structural properties, and location-specific layers or directional reinforcements would be added in the zones where additional properties were required.

Now, Texonic has the ability to manufacture  “all-in-one” reinforcements that provide the sum total of all the zone-specific performance requirements.

Properties such as:

  • Rigidity,
  • impact,
  • abrasion or puncture-resistance

can be built-in, meeting each zone’s specific requirements.

This can be achieved by modifying the fiber type and distribution at the key zones i.e. using two or more fibers in different zones, or even modifying the thickness principally along the Y axis.

It is the strength and experience of the Texonic engineering teams behind the Smart Hybrid™ products that are the key to meeting our clients need for this new breed of specialized performance composite reinforcements.